Our Approach

Working closely with Stella (sometimes virtually from her home in Greece!) we undertook an extensive branding exercise to understand and develop her brand positioning, visual identity and tone. Our goal was to bring her brand to life while making her stand-out from her peers in the competitive fashion retail industry.


We were instantly inspired by Stella’s Grecian heritage as well as her love for her family and timeless sense of style. These key elements served as foundation for the entire Styliani brand, from the creation of the logo to the content messaging. We incorporated the brand attributes unearthed during our discovery phase, such as, chic, grecian, natural and calming.

Look & Feel

The visual design element of the brand logo was the result of combining clothing style elements such as texture and print to create a symbol resembling a woven textile. A discreet nod to Stella’s beloved family, the interlacing, knot-like design acts as a symbol of support and the eternal continuity of love bestowed by family. With the two darker, earthier tones representing the foundation of the family (Stella and her husband) and the vibrant shades of blue representing her two daughters.

Colour Palette

We embraced the beautiful natural colours of Greece’s land and sea, giving the entire site a distinctly mediterranean vibe. The serene, turquoise blue hue was chosen from stunning coastal images featuring Stella’s home town, the iconic Corinth Coast. The sandy-tan brown is reflective of the shores, cliffs and land surrounding the picturesque water.

The colour palette is purposefully light & airy to compliment the clean aesthetic of the newly designed website and social media site strategies.

Web Presence

The Styliani brand is about more than just great fashion choices, it’s about supporting women to live their best lives by investing the time and energy into themselves – taking pride in their appearance and showcasing their individuality daily. With that in mind, we built a custom, fully responsive website that focuses on helping women quickly & easily learn about the Styliani services while serving as online resource hub that is streamlined for efficiency while still being trendy and welcoming.

The content was written to inspire women to realize the importance of being present and taking care of their own physical and spiritual needs, incorporating Stella’s very own personal journey to seek and realize balance in her life and to truly tell the story behind the Styliani brand.

In order to help launch and build awareness for Styliani, our digital strategy included new social media accounts for Facebook and Pinterest, with a recommendation to implement an Instagram account in the near future.