North Brewing

Beer Labels

The Brief


My good buddies at North Brewing approached me to be part of a local artist collective-driven label redesign.  I was given 2 types of beer “Midnight – A Strong Dark Belgian” and “Dark Sky – Glenora Barrel Aged Strong Dark Belgian”.  They were accompanied with some beautifully written poetry.

What We Did


This project was really fun as it was a marriage of my favourite things: digital and traditional art.  I started out by painting some abstract art, editing the colour to get the desired mood then sketched the names of the brew, further refining it digitally.




Questions persist and we look down at screens to give us answers.
Meanwhile, stars and ancient marvel are obstructed by the lights we make.
Retreat. Here’s an invitation.
Seek the dark sky, the cherry glow of fading day, dusky chocolate, nightfall fruit. Take a sip to look up with, that timeless ritual in which you are infinitely contained.



Put dark sky in a barrel.
And old one. And Wait.
From the decay new beauty will unfold, aged and wizened beauty, be patient – you will taste the time it took.
It will be laden with character, it will carry history and soak up grace enough to boast.
But it won’t;
sophistication doesn’t have to.