Monks & Jonesie

Gastro Truck


The Brief

Lifelong Frederictonian Mike Jones (aka Jonesie), and long time friend/business partner and owner of other local favourites –  Cannon’s Cross Pub and The Snooty Fox, Krista Monk (aka Monks) are the pair behind Graystone Brewery’s Gastro Truck – Monks & Jonesie.

The gastro truck offers up a fusion of pub and comfort food with a eclectic twist. With offerings like deep fried pumpkin cheesecake, crispy chicken basil naan-wich, and shaker salads, M&J is on its way to becoming a local gem.

What We Did


The challenge was simple – take a two friends with super cute nicknames and create a visual collaboration using the ampersand.  This method serves them well because it can also be used in short form for items like stickers for their shaker salads, stamps for takeout containers, etc.  The palette was designed to sit alongside Graystone Brewery (the brew pub that resides on the same lot).