Amy Corbett

An artist/designer based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, who loves to design, paint & travel.

Growing up in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, I spent a lot of time as a child studying art. Through windows, colouring books, story books, and getting tangled in anything from yarn to pipe cleaners.

I have always known I was passionate about art from my earliest memories as a child. I wanted anything and everything to do with creating artwork. I remember one of my birthday gifts as a child was a battery powered pottery wheel, I recall the smell of the old vinyl table cloth my mother would put down to protect the kitchen table from crayola products. The smell of gouache drying on newspaper was a familiar scent, and have fond memories of filling my father’s home office with paintings.

In high school I came to the conclusion that even outside of my art classes, I consistently found myself sketching and doodling. High school was also where I discovered my future career path, Graphic Design. I enrolled in the first ever Graphic Arts course offered to students at FHS. I was in love with the fact that I could make art from type and other digital properties.

When I graduated, I took a year off to travel and once I returned, I enrolled in Digital Communications at the NBCC in Fredericton. This was an intense course that would teach me the ins and outs of graphic & web design.  Over the past few decades,  I have worked as a graphic arts educator & mentor, a designer for print & publication companies, as well as various digital firms, and creative agencies.

In my free time, I like to spend time with my family, skiing, camping, eating delicious food, going to live music shows, and traveling to do all of the latter.